I had an unusually amazing lunch today. 4 interesting courses with GREAT company at Höfnin restaurant, down at the Reykjavik harbour. We wanted to treat ourselves and have a tiny Friday celebration … here is why & what we had to eat!

Today, the new & legendary Wake Up Reykjavik office team officially finished it’s first week together. There have been plenty of small (but big) changes in the company lately where the main focus has been on sharing responsibility, continually improve quality and prepare for the busy summer to come. One of these steps was to find, hire & train new Wake Up office legends. And today, we celebrated that this process is almost over as we have found two absolute geniuses to join the team.

More on that later. Now to the food!

4 course Lunch at Höfnin

Höfnin is small family run casual/fine dining restaurant at the old harbour in Reykjavik. The architecture, style & atmosphere is SUPER authentic, very Icelandic and it clearly shows that the signature cuisine is seafood. Everything about this place is somehow cosy & welcoming. I’ve been here a few times before and today we enjoyed their 4 course set menu.

#1 – Cured reindeer fillet with grilled asparagus

Tasted heavenly and vanished off my plate in a matter of seconds. Easy to say for a huge fan of reindeer meat!

#2 – Seafood soup with langoustine, mussels, scallops, fennel & whipped cream

Simply an amazing seafood soup and one of the best presentations that I have seen. Perfect cuisine to have with a spouse or someone you want to impress. It’s just that sexy!

# 3 – Lamb rack & slow cooked lamb shoulder served on oats, barley and polenta with roasted carrots and crispy turnips

Decent main course. After a heavy (and a big portion) soup + this big plate of meat & carbohydrates, I was pretty much
game over.

#4 – Warm lava chocolate cake with raspberries & a home made liquorice ice cream

OH MY GOD. Being one of the biggest dessert fans in Europe, I have to say that I really, really appreciate this lovely treat in the end. I’ve enjoyed it at least two times before and I have to admit that I had started to get a little excited earlier with just the thought of it.

Tanja & I share the love for liquorice ice creams and I just have to let her try this one day. It is amazing, made in house & our waiter specially noted that this is “the only one in the country of it’s kind” – I have no idea what that means or if it is true – but we thought it was funny – And maybe makes it even more exciting!


Amazing restaurant that I might have to visit more often. Maybe with Tanja to feed her that ice cream! She is probably not going to stop talking about it once she sees this blog anyway. And what made the day even more special was getting to spend it with this amazing team (photo below!) and welcoming them to Wake Up Reykjavik. I can’t wait to see what they and we together will accomplish in the months ahead!

Thanks for the read!

Everyone laughing … or very drunk. Not sure.