Entrepreneur from the north of Iceland made in the 90’s.

HEY HEY! My name is Egill and I love travelling, eating, drinking and enjoying life in general! I am the co-founder of Wake Up Reykjavik, the absolute funnest travel operator in Iceland. I also happen to be the boyfriend of the most beautiful girl in the world and I make a living by eating & drinking with new friends from all over the planet!

As of now, I like to think of myself as an expert of Reykjavik after having spent years in creating unforgettable experiences for my guests from around the world. But even despite my unaccountable love for Iceland – What I love even more is travelling our beautiful world and seek new, unique experiences … I like to explore new locations through food and I am on my enjoyable journey of eating at every restaurant in Reykjavik.

To balance out my very big appetite I do crossfit and genuinely practise a very healthy lifestyle.

This blog is a little update from my story telling on Instagram + Snapchat and I promise to make this ‘about me’ page more sexy soon after we have done some Q&A and got to find out the true potential of this site!

Until then, stay tuned & make sure to be my friend on my favourite media platforms below!


@EgillHalldorsson     GilliTanGrh