What restaurants to visit outside of Reykjavik? What to eat on the Golden Circle and what in the world is the deal with this Tomato farm? Here I will answer all of these questions with a single awesome restaurant recommendation on the Icelandic countryside. 

I had an absolutely awesome birthday last Sunday. Tanja had planned a super fun surprise road trip for us so I had no idea what to expect – Other than that I would need to be hungry and bring my swimwear.

The road trip was approx. 5hrs in total and we began by visiting the AMAZING vegetarian restaurant Friðheimar. After eating ourselves into a food coma we went to Flúðir and hopped into and enjoyed a beautiful natural hot spring before heading back to Reykjavik … only to find more food & a birthday cake !

Friðheimar surprised me a lot and ended up with being my highlight of the day. Here is everything you need to know about it …

– Friðheimar tomato farm –

Hidden in South Iceland, in Reykholt, Bláskógabyggð – You will find this beautiful gem. An amazing sustainable farm / vegetarian restaurant named Friðheimar.

I had heard about Friðheimar multiple times before and it was always from travellers and for some reason, I always imagined that it was a tourist trap and probably not worth the visit. After finally visiting for the first time last Sunday I realize that I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Yes, many of the guests are travellers but it’s far from being a trap of any kind. The building itself is really cosy & authentic. It is simply a green house with a restaurant built in the middle of it! That on it’s own is really cool and makes the experience worth the visit but the atmosphere, service and FOOD are even better. To begin with our waiter welcomed us with great hospitality and really took his time to tell us about the greenhouse, how they do things and what they do with their homegrown tomatoes. We really appreciated that insight!

Finally, everything on the menu is made in house and I think every single cuisine is made from their delicious tomatoes in one way or another. And to be honest, I think I really didn’t know how much I like tomatoes before visiting Friðheimar!

We decided to have their famous tomato soup and home made bread served with sour cream and cucumber salsa. WOW. That was good. And Tomato soup shouldn’t even taste that good! The bread was superb as well. Finally, I wanted to follow my heart and end our foodie experience with a nice desert(s). So, we had their tomato cheesecake and tomato ice cream! I will spare you the details but yes, it was as tasty as our previous cuisine and way more delicious than it sounds!

Other items on the menu are for an example fresh pasta with home made tomato sauce, tomato and apple pie, Tomato schnapps and their famous Friðheimar’s Bloddy Mary!

So you must see … you pretty much got to like Tomatoes if visiting. The menu isn’t large but that is one of the things I really like. The whole business model is as simple and basic as possible. Yet so unique and that really makes this place brilliant.

The desserts are served in cute little pots. Tomato cheese cake & vanilla ice cream with tomatoes & tomato gel!
The birthday boy happy with his deserts!

Conclusion on my Friðheimar adventure

I was really, really impressed by Friðheimar restaurant and almost everything about it surprised me.

I did not expect the food to be be as great as it was and I did certainly not expect the restaurant and overall service to be this ambitious. Being in the service and restaurant industry myself, I wouldn’t want to do it any other way myself. One of the things that I liked the most was the costumer attention and the effort to tell us about what they stand for. I will definitely visit again, I will recommend my guests at Wake Up Reykjavik to visit and if we ever expand and start offering tours around the island – I am pretty sure we will make a little detour so that we will be able to include Friðheimar in our experiences.

At last, a tiny local tip: I have heard that they are always really booked.
So, I recommend making reservations in advance!

Find Friðheimar’s website right here
Their Facebook page
And finally, Friðheimar on Trip Advisor!

Thanks for a great experience Friðheimar & thanks for a really memorable birthday Tanja <3