There are literally thousands of restaurants in the medina of Marrakech and the overall Moroccan foodie scene is to-die-for. So, for any true foodie visiting Marrakech, you are in heaven.

You can read more about the general restaurant scene in my post on Where To Eat in Marrakech.


To begin with, I should correct the heading of this post to: “Le Salama – The only restaurant in the medina of Marrakech that serves alcohol – And I really liked!”.

Anyone visiting Morocco will soon discover that alcohol doesn’t grow on trees in this N-African country. Mainly being a muslim nation, alcohol is not a big part of local traditions and a huge part of Moroccans does not consume alcohol at all – As an Icelander, this is as different from my Viking roots as possible! Another rule of thumb is that alcohol should never be consumed in sight of the mosque – And should therefore not be available in the medina of Marrakech.

However, there are a few exception to this rule as it is possible to get a special alcohol licence but at a very high cost. Also, after visiting Marrakech two years in a row – I have discovered that even fewer restaurants sell alcohol in 2017 than in 2016 and a couple of venues that I visited again have stopped selling alcoholic drinks.

Of course there are other places in the medina that serve alcohol but I honestly came across less than a handful and Le Salama was the only one that I really, really liked!

Le Salama restaurant marrakech


One of my favourite restaurants in Marrakech is Le Salama. Indeed, I like it so much that I decided to write this post specially in it’s honour! Here you will find everything you need to know:

Location: It is located right on the main square in Marrakech, Jemaa el-Fnaa. It is on a small side street on the corner of another fine dining restaurant called “Le Marrakech”. If you walk around the square for only a couple of minutes I am sure you will find it. From the corner of “Le Marrakech” it is on your left side after less than a minute walk. The doormen will show you your way upstairs as the restaurant is on the 2nd. and 3rd. floor with a panoramic terrance for drinks on the 4th. floor.

Food: It is a fine dining restaurant and a really really good one! The cuisine is very traditional Moroccan with amazing house specialties and a selection of quality dishes as Tajine, Tajina & CousCous etc. This last visit I enjoyed their tasting menu that consisted of 22 cuisines + their house bread + olives. Simply amazing.

Drinks: The restaurant in Le Salama serves Flag (a great Moroccan lager beer), a good selection of wine and the cocktails are quite nice, specially if taken into consideration the lack of alcohol consumption and experience in cocktail making.

4th. floor Terrance: On the 4th. you will find a nice “loungy” bar where they serve alcoholic drinks and offer Sisha to smoke. Everyday, all day there is a “Happy Hour” going on where drinks go 2 for 1. The atmosphere is nice and it is usually quite busy.

Price: Since I have been using the price of Tajine to compare restaurant rates in my previous foodie blogs from Morocco, I will keep on doing that! Tajine at Le Salama is approx. 150 MAD but the price definitely varies between different kinds. It is significantly more expensive than most casual restaurants in the area but the quality is great and the portions are larger. I also enjoyed the Chef’s tasting menu that I feel has a good value and costs 700 MAD for two persons. Not a big price to pay for 22 cuisines for two persons.

A small beer costs 65 MAD which is 32,5 MAD if you count in the Happy Hour deal!

Moroccan pastilla Le Salama

Le Salama Moroccan Salads

Moroccan cuisine


I’ve been to the Le Salama restaurant quite some times and do definitely recommend it as a fine dining restaurants if you want to go out for a fancy night in Marrakech. But also as a bar – Or if you are in desperate need for a refreshing alcoholic drink, it’s my best … and only recommendation haha!

Hope you enjoy – And if there is anything else I can help you with or questions that you would like to ask, don’t hesitate to shoot me a line or leave a comment below and I’ll personally get back to you asap!