Snorkeling between the tectonic plates in Silfra fissure, enjoying the beautiful Laugavatn Fontana Spa & dining at the wonderful Kol restaurant. All this with my favourite group of local legends, the dream team at Wake Up Reykjavik.

Last week we at Wake Up Reykjavik celebrated a “funday” – A day where we all get together and enjoy life! We try to do this once per month to get the team together and simply award ourselves for a job well done.

This time we teamed up with Arctic Adventures who are the kings & queens when it comes to outdoor adventures outside of Reykjavik (snorkeling, snowmobiling, hiking or any glacier exploring etc.) With them we swam between N-America & Europe in Silfra. WOW, what an experience that was! It was truly amazing and a big flash back for me personally and to my short diving career in Thailand + Bali a few years ago.

Bottom line: An insane expereince that I sincerely recommend. 

Next our path laid to the beautiful Laugavatn Fontana Spa where we found multiple geothermal hot tubs & saunas and you can walk directly into the ice cold Laugavatn lake. The Spa was wonderful but the highlight of our 2hr stay was probably a Wake up Reykjavik team contest of who would last the longest in the freezing cold lake. Definitely a great twist on the spa experience.

We ended our night with drinks at the Jacobsen Loftið cocktail lounge and at the Icelandic Bar before we had an outstanding dining experience at KOL restaurant. Although, to be completely honest with you, I can’t really say that I remember the dinner at all … or the cocktails.

… There might have been some drinking of tequila & black death throughout the day.

Before getting into any details I’ll end this with a few photos from our trip!

The day might have started with a drink or two at the HQ …
The dream team at Wake Up Reykjavik – Suited up! (ofc missing a few legends)

The Laugarvatn Fontana Spa (Photo by Guide to Iceland).
This guy was definitely responsible for a few black outs. You can just see how happy he is about it!

That’s it for now, until next time!