What are the best restaurants outside of Reykjavik? And are there any great restaurants in the South of Iceland? Those are questions that I get a lot from my guests and the truth is …  

Finding amazing restaurants on the Icelandic countryside, outside of Reykjavik isn’t always easy! – But me & Tanja absolutely love it when we can combine our love for exploring the best of our beautiful Iceland – And discover new, delicious restaurants at the same time! Last Sunday we took a quick road trip to Þrastarlundur and I loved it!

– Þrastalundur –

I was really, really surprised to arrive at Þrastalundur restaurant on a Sunday afternoon at around 1PM, almost in the middle of nowhere (45 minutes from Reykjavik), with a reservation and we STILL waited for probably 10 minutes until we could be showed to our seat. I absolutely don’t want this to sound like I a wasn’t happy – Because I was simply shocked that a restaurant this far away from Reykjavik could be this busy … and that says everything that needs to be said about the quality and popularity of Þrastalundur restaurant!

We had the fantastic brunch that Þrastalundur is famous for – As we were first served coffee, fresh orange juice & a smoothie. And later followed a beautiful dish with a classic Sunday brunch!

I have also heard from friends that they are supposed to have crazy delish pizzas but I can’t say I was in a mood for pizza in the morning, even despite I was hosting our Reykjavik Bar Crawl until 2am on the night before …

– Here is what you need to know –

Þrastalundur is in South Iceland, approx. 45 min. drive from Reykjavik. Exact location here.

They have an amazing brunch!

I would recommend making a reservation beforehand

Þrastarlundur’s location is perfect for exploring the South of Iceland – Wether you’re on your way to explore the Golden Circle or the South Coast

The surroundings are also beautiful and I imagine it is superb to eat outside in the summer! (See photo of the mountain that was the window view form our table).

The Facebook page for Þrastalundur is right here

– Conclusion –

We had an absolutely brilliant time. The brunch was definitely great, without a doubt. But what makes it even more special is the experience you create by actually driving 40 minutes outside of the city, enjoy beautiful views and finally having an uninterrupted quality time with your friend and/or loved ones.

And you can of course do like we did, and take a little extra detour on our way back and explore parts of the Golden Circle!
Here is your main boy posing at Gullfoss waterfall like never before!!