What is UP right now!

HEY HEY team,

With the exception of a few Instagram posts for the past month it has been pretty much radio silence on this site and my other social media platforms. A lot has been going on since we returned home to Iceland from our dream trip around Italy in mid June and the last week has been absolutely crazy.

Here is a quick update on everything that is going on right now, sorted by business, travel & life in general!


Wake UP Reykjavik and the Reykjavik Food Walk are definitely in it’s high season right now. We are constantly growing, welcoming more guests each month, growing our team of legendary locals and collecting 5 star reviews on Trip Advisor. Without a doubt a lot of great things happening but also dealing with a few big boy growth problems – Which I have heard is very common for companies on their third year in business! (Wow time flies!).

  • On top of all that we just made some brand new kick ass brochures + posters in a collab with Maurar marketing agency. Really talented guys and I will definitely share that process with you very soon here on the blog.
  • We have also been doing an extreme makeover on our precious WakeUpReykjavik.com with Íslenska Umbrotsstofan. Exciting improvements that are still in progress!

We also have a brand new passion project going on this summer: A new and exciting tour operator in my hometown, Akureyri in the North of Iceland. Simply called the Akureyri Food Walk. It’s brand new and definitely not flying yet but we are working with really great people and have a killer project in our hands that has big potential.

Lastly, not exactly a business thing but I just finished reading “Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX and the quest for a fantastic future”. Those around me have definitely noticed as I have barely been speaking about anything else and Tesla has without a doubt made it on the list of things that I’d like to acquire in the future. Really inspirational and a recommended read.

The WUR + REY food brochures we did with Kjartan and the team at Maurar.


I am still mentally recovering from an incredibly trip around Italy, what an amazing time we had! I am still going through the beautiful pictures that we captured and I have plenty left to share with you on Instagram and here on the blog!

ICELAND: I’m definitely doing my best to explore as much of our beautiful Iceland this summer as this is for sure my most favourite time of the year. Haven’t done any big trips after Italy but Tanja & I have done a small caving mission close to Reykjavik (might have to share that one with you!) and I hiked Mt. Esja earlier this week. But nothing serious! I’m hoping to have some weekends off by the end of this month or in early August to tackle some of the West fjords, visit Akureyri again and most importantly … visiting the incredibly beautiful Westman Islands and eat at Slippurinn. My most favourite restaurant in Iceland.

Morocco: Lastly but maybe most importantly, my mind has been a lot in Morocco for the past few days as I have been day dreaming about buying a small riad in Marrakech. Moving to Morocco would be a huge dream coming true wether it would be for a short time or long term. A lot of exciting opportunities that Tanja & I have in mind there but for now it’s just a sparkling idea!

In love in Venice.


… For the past week my life has first and foremost been around spending my days and night at Wake Up Reykjavik, trying my best to make Iceland holidays for our guests as amazing as possible – AND taking care of this princess (photo from her IG today):


Other than that I’m just trying to keep in shape after hosting lots of Reykjavik Food Walk tours and eating these beauties every day!

The beautiful desserts at Apotek restaurant + bar.

That’s pretty much it for now! I just wanted to throw in a little update post to give you an insight on what is happening in my life right now and also just to let you all know I’m alive.

Thank you so much for the read, Happy Wednesday and until next time,