The Best Beach in Mallorca & Where to Find it!

This post is about the incredibly beautiful Es Caló Des Moro beach in Mallorca & how you can find it.

Mallorca is a tiny paradise island in the Mediterranean ocean with more beaches than you can count – I decided to go out and find the single best beach in Mallorca – And I found heaven on earth.

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where to find Es Caló Des Moro

Es Caló Des Moro

The southern Migjorn area in Mallorca is unique to the island & far off the main touristy areas although it’s only about 1hr drive from the Balearic capital, Palma.

Es Caló Des Moro is heaven on earth, a tiny hidden beach bay far away from everything else – with white sand & indescribable turquoise ocean in between white rocky cliffs & pine trees.

I believe Es Caló Des Moro must be the most beautiful beach I have ever found and it’s simply one of those breath taking picture perfect natural wonders that make you blink your eyes to make sure you are not dreaming! … I hope I am not over hyping anything too much haha! I’ll now leave it to my pictures to explain my case.

mallorca Es Caló Des Moro beach

Where to find Es Caló Des Moro beach? 

As I mentioned earlier, Es Caló Des Moro is located in the Migjorn area, just outside the small town of Santanyí (approx. 6 km) on Mallorca’s south/east coast.

Some of the roads towards it are closed but the easiest method of finding it is of course to enter it into your Google Maps or other navigation system.

Aim first for Santanyí & then for Cala Llombards. You will need to earn the views as car parking can only be found in the nearest neighbourhood & you will have to walk 20-30 minutes until you get to the beach itself. The walk is beautiful and you will follow a narrow path in between pine trees and small cliffs. Soon you will get amazing overview of the crystal clear water at Es Caló Des Moro beach and you will find your way from there right away.

There are signs saying: “Private Property” but don’t worry, the beach is family owned but open for the public. Just make sure you treat this gem with love & don’t leave anything behind.

Es Caló des Moro beach mallorca

Please Note

  1. The beach itself is super small (only 20m wide) & the water comes up really far. Space to lie down or for your stuff is therefore very limited. I thought this was really cool as people literally found any possible space to make their own (in caves, on cliffs, on huge rocks etc.)Showing up early might therefore be really smart! I arrived around noon & the area was packed. But as I was travelling solo, I found a small cave to keep my stuff & jumped right in the turquoise water.
  2. The walking path to the beach is very narrow and at some points you will need to climb down little rocky stairs. I’m mentioning this so you can make sure to travel super light – No baby carriers, large bags or big beach equipment.
  3. The beach is pretty much in the middle of nowhere so there are no facilities such as bathrooms/showers, trash cans nor bars & restaurant. So, be prepared!

Any Last words?

I really, really hope my post is helpful & from the bottom of my heart I wish you will get to visit Es Caló Des Moro for yourself, it truly is a heaven on earth!

PS. Don’t forget to bring your snorkeling gear, you will love it!

Until next time,
your main boi.