TOP 14 Things to do in Mallorca – My Guide for a Perfect Holiday

What are the top must things to do in Mallorca? Is it Mallorca or Majorca? And what are the best unusual or less known things to do on this main Balearic Island?

In this post I’ll do my best in giving you my best recommendations on beaches in Mallorca, ideas for things to do, family activities & how to plan your Mallorca trip to perfection!

Intro: What & where is Mallorca?

Top things to do in Mallorca

Mallorca (Majorca in Spanish) is a small island off the coast of Spain and it is the largest of the 5 Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean ocean. Majorca is a little heaven on earth with mild temperatures all year round and super hot temperatures during peak season, from May-September. I have visited Mallorca at least 5 times and always loved it. Right now, when this is written I am staying in Santa Ponsa on the South/West Coast of the Island.

I just returned from my evening swim in the warm ocean which was my motivation before writing this post! I’m flying home tomorrow after beautiful 12 days on the island. Here below I will share my best Mallorca recommendations so that you can hopefully plan your own trip to be unforgettable.

Let’s do this!


Top Things to do in Mallorca

My recipe for an unforgettable Majorca trip!

First off, I believe by far most of European guests all do the same 4 things while in Mallorca. I’ll begin by listing those up and I’ll call them the Classic to-do’s. After those, I’ll list my other 10 awesome things to do that I am sure will UP your holiday, give you a better feel for the island and let you experience the real Mallorca.

The 4 Classic to do’s in Mallorca:

1. Work on your MASTER TAN at your hotel pool

Quite obvious I guess! Most people visit Mallorca to get into the beautiful warm Mediterranean temperature and enjoy the sun. Icelanders live for getting a sunburned abroad and returning home more tanned than all their friends!

2. Visit your local beach

Again, basic but still something everybody does and LOVES. Play in the warm ocean, tan on a sun bed or build a sand castle. Life is good!

3. Visit a Water Theme park

Western Waterpark Mallorca

After having visited Mallorca since I was only a kid, this is something I have always done and is always a highlight. Mallorca has a great selection of parks and my personal favourite is by far the Western Waterpark with it’s 30 meter tall waterslide called “the beast”.

4. PARTY in Mallorca

Graduation trip in Magaluf, Mallorca in 2012. Not one of my proudest moments!

Everyone visiting Mallorca not with children goes partly for the legendary Mallorca nightlife. It’s simply necessary to cool off during the warm days with uno or dos cervesa’s and it doesn’t hurt that beer is cheaper than water in Spain. Every single beach has a line of bars and small clubs and a crazy nightlife scene is never far away.

Pro tip: UP your party game and visit Magaluf which is the centre for wild nightlife in Mallorca. Furthermore, make sure to pay BCM a visit if you are looking for the biggest parties as it has been one of the best clubs in Europe for years with huge lineups every week.

& finally, here we go;

My personal Top 10 things to do in Mallorca

10. Rent a Scooter & explore Mallorca

scooter mallorca explore

Get to know more than just your local beach. Explore freely on a scooter / Vespa to broaden your horizons, see more of Mallorca and create your own adventures!

9. Jungle Parc

jungle parc
family activity mallorca

Alright WOW. I loved this. Just inside the small beach town of Santa Ponsa you can find this awesome adrenaline adventure park. Climb up tall trees and test your balance & bravery! Make your own zip lines and beat your fear of heights!

PS. I enjoyed this park so much that I visited twice. Once with my siblings and did the ‘Explorer‘ course and once by my self to do the ‘Extremo’ course. Both were super fun and be sure to find the adrenaline rush through your veins. You will have to be in very good physical shape for the second ‘Extremo’ course.

PPS. Another park we visited worth mentioning is the Palma Jump trampoline park. It’s located in Palma, is not expensive and is a ridiculously fun family activity if you are travelling with kids (I’m 24 and had a blast too …).

8. Visit Palma, Mallorca

Palma is the capital of the Balearic islands. Surprisingly beautiful narrow streets, good energy & stunning cathedral & buildings.

Explore the Spanish city on foot and enjoy the change of scenery from your beach and/or hotel poolside. Palma has a great selection of shops, restaurant and a big nightlife scene. I can imagine it can be great to stay in Palma for a few days but I’ve so far only done day trips.

7. Go off the beaten path, explore Mallorca’s small towns

valldemossa mallorca
Driving in Mallorca

Get to know the real Mallorca. Most visitors stay at their local beach to drink, dance and enjoy the sun during their entire 1-2 weeks stay. But Mallorca has a rich culture and so much more to offer!

Rent a car or a scooter to explore the real Mallorca first hand. Do your research to find out what you are the most interested in seeing; Whether it’s the famous Mallorca caves, the Tramuntana mountains or smaller towns around the island. I personally recommend the breathtaking driving route along the coast line from Palma to Valldemossa, Deiá & Sollér. All incredibly beautiful towns with a scenic driving route between them.

Here you will find beautiful towns, natural sceneries & a good selection of restaurants!

6. UP your beach game with these

Paddle boarding mallorca

You are staying at the beach and you should definitely not be shy to get a little wet!

Make your Mediterranean holiday 10x more memorable and purchase a good snorkeling set so you can dive among the many fishes, go cliff jumping, rent a jet skii or go paddle boarding! Any of these just might be your most memorable moments from the trip.

5. Shop High end fashion for less

Mallorca Festival fashion outlet
… I didn’t have any photo of me shopping. But I felt like this photo could be me as a fashion policia.

Well, I always feel a little awkward to list shopping on my must do lists …

It’s an unbreakable part of travelling when you come from Iceland. If you are looking to update your fashion game don’t miss out on the Festival Fashion Outlet. Only minutes away from the centre of Palma you’ll find this outlet mall with brand such as Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Nike, El Corte Ingles & many more!

4. Evening swim in Mallorca

Mallorca ocean swimming snorkling

One of my absolute highlights of this Mallorca holiday, and my 2016 Majorca holiday are my evening swims in the ocean. It is WONDERFUL!

You are always a little hesitant at first as the sun has almost set and you are used to be at home, cuddling in your sofa during this time of the day. However, once you jump in and start swimming, floating or diving – You experience a little glimpse of heaven. Normally, the evenings are completely still & calm, there are not many people around and the sea has been heated just a little throughout the whole day. Perfect moments.

3. Get to know the best of Spanish food & wine

Mallorca food

Along the most touristy beaches it can always be a little tricky to find quality restaurant in Mallorca. However, keep your eyes open & look up your location on Trip Advisor. There is always someone making real food.

Or, on your exploring Mallorca adventures you can always visit restaurants in other towns around the island. Spanish tapas, paella & Majorcan wines – Dig in!

2. Visit Mallorca’s awesome Ostrich farm

Artestruz ostrich farm mallorca

Ostrich farm mallorca
Meet my friend Jambo!

My family was absolutely sure I was going mad when I spoke continuingly about visiting an Ostrich farm in Mallorca. And after almost two weeks, this is absolutely one of my two highlights from my holiday.

Near the small town of Campos is the wonderful “Artestruz” Ostrich farm where a family from South Africa has been living since 1997. I could honestly talk about & try to sell you on visiting this farm for hours … but I’ll spare you the details and leave it for your own wonderful visit.

I was given a completely private tour of the farm and I had the most enjoyable time meeting the animals (that are nota bene the most dangerous birds in the world), learning everything about them, feeding them, petting them and meeting the newborns – Both 2 months old and I was lucky to get to meet the just born, only 2 days young Ostriches as well!

1. Explore hidden beaches in Mallorca

Es Caló des Moro beach mallorca

Lastly, while visiting one of the most beautiful & popular beach destinations in Europe, this has to be my other top highlight from Mallorca.

While most people stay at their local beach, I decided to do my research & go out to find the single most beautiful beach in Mallorca. – and Ohmy … I believe I did just that. The effable Es Caló des Moro must be one of the most beautiful beaches I have seen in my life – And I am comparing it with Maya Bay in Thailand, the Gili Islands in Bali, Furore beach in the Amalfi coast and more!

The visit to Es Caló des Moro was a indescribably enjoyable for me and the white sands and turquoise sea was unlike any other. And there are of course more unbelievable beaches to be found all around the island.

As I have received tons & tons of questions regarding this beach already through my Snapchat and Instagram, I decided to write a quick post solely on this heaven on earth beach & where to find it! You can find that post right here.


Any Last words?

Hey! I really do hope from the bottom of my heart that my list has inspired you to make your own Mallorca trip as close to perfect as possible. Don’t hesitate to share this with your friends & get in touch with me if I can help you with anything else!

Thanks for the read, until next time.