HURRAY! Finally we at Wake Up Reykjavik have received the final version of a brand new logo. I am going to give you a little sneak peak on the process, why we needed a new logo, a little insight to our branding and lastly … where we got it from! 

First things first, the logo that Wake Up Reykjavik has been using as it’s front for the first 2-3 years in business actually was made for a total coincidence! In November 2014 we sought help & teamed up with the very talented guys at Maurar marketing agency to create a brochure for us. However at the time Wake Up Reykjavik was a really young business and didn’t have much of it’s own material to work with so a lot of the work was on Maurar’s shoulders!

The result was this (amazing) brochure that we absolutely loved …

… Although it was never truly put to use and didn’t get to meet it’s full potential as the company was still so new and fast changing – resulting in the material of the brochure being outdated very quickly!

The point is that Maurar branded Wake Up Reykjavik for the first time and helped us figure out our identity colour and font – The fun orange gradient colour and these sexy white, bolded letters that yell “pow!” regardless of what you type in.

And ever since, we have been using this as our icon:

For the last few months this old logo had been bothering us a little – Mainly for being quite difficult to read as an icon on our website / Instagram etc. With all this text when presented in a small size in your browser (and specially mobile) it was quite hard or impossible to read.

Also, we were excited to get something more more fresh, happy & sexy – That we thought would fit our brand better.

We got in touch with Agndofa design that is located in my hometown, Akureyri after having heard a few great recommendations – Specially from my girlfriend but Agndofa designed the logo for Tanja’s cosmetic line as well!

After getting in touch with Agndofa, doing plenty of research and together trying out tons of different versions we found a solution that we loved. Here are a few demos/logo ideas that we eventually decided NOT to go with (I hope I am allowed to post this!):

Eventually … we decided to go simple. As simple as we possible could and choose to present only our head letter, “W”. And we wanted to present it in a way that was as close to our brand as we could imagine: Fun, Fresh and Cool. The result is right here below.

And lastly, THANK YOU Sigrún @Agndofa design for your work. We love the results and couldn’t be happier.

The Wake Up Reykjavik logo   

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little insight and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any thoughts or questions!
This is actually my first business post ever and I just decided that I’m going to write here
about business, my thoughts, plans and what is going on with Wake Up Reykjavík.

Happy Tuesday!