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Your main boy hosting the Reykjavik Bar Crawl!

“In my personal opinion, Wake Up Reykjavik is the absolute funnest travel platform in Iceland where everything is about letting travellers experience Reykjavik at it’s best, through the locals eyes, with exciting Icelanders and by visiting the most interesting Icelandic restaurants & bars”.

My best friend, Dan and I started this exciting business called Wake Up Reykjavik early in the summer 2014. We accommodated our first groups that fall even though the company wasn’t officially founded until June 2015. Today, we are proud to believe that we are the funnest travel company in Iceland (Need proof? Just check out our Trip Advisor page!). Our vision is to create absolutely unforgettable local experiences for our guests that come from all over the world as we let them explore Reykjavik with us through amazing Icelandic food, beer or nightlife.

First we got known for our awesome Reykjavik Bar Crawls where we take our guests on a journey through the absolute best of what the wild Reykjavik nightlife has to offer. Definitely a bullet-proof recipe for an unforgettable night out in Reykjavik, even though drinking alcohol every weekend for two & a half year has maybe affected my liver just a little …

Egill & Dan, spring 2016.

In 2015 our SUPER delicious Reykjavik Food Walk was born which today is the no.1 rated Food & Drink activity in Reykjavik on Trip Advisor. And is there any better way to explore and new city than with a local and through the best of it’s traditional cuisine?

Lastly, in the end of 2016 we answered one of our overall most asked questions, and started hosting our brand new Reykjavik Beer Tour.

Today, our team has grown to about 10 persons and I couldn’t be happier with our team of absolute local legends that either run the office or host our awesome tours! So, if we can help you with anything regarding exploring Iceland or our beloved capital – Wether you are a local or a foreigner, always feel free to drop me a line or shoot us at Wake Up Reykjavik a line here!

You can find everything else you want to know about my baby, simply by visiting our Wake Up Reykjavik website.

The dream team! (Some champs missing).

Written by Egill on the 5th. of January 2017.